Tuesday, March 2, 2010


i posted,

"if you dont know what to do, just put your money where your mouth is."

translated by my classmate,

"kung di mo alam gagawin mo, ikain mo na lang yan."

:) win!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

drop it like its hot.

it has been a while since i last visited this site. so its that fast eh.

i am supposed to have a class right at this very moment. but i dropped it. and my first subject to be.

im already a junior student in the school i go to. and on that three years, five semesters and one summer semester, i fulfilled all my course requirements, passed, though not exactly with flying colors and avoided those three letters in my transcript. but not until this sem.

i dropped my electrodynamic theory subject for this semester. for reasons that i EPICALLY FAILED the first exam, havent passed a single problem set since then and i cant risk a failing grade because of my scholarship. These might be what you call rational reasons, and for me, they are. but actually, at the start of the sem, im already convinced that i might have to drop the course along the way.

i dont know. maybe that single thought pushed me in giving life to the letters DRP in my records. since i already have a choice of a failsafe plan even before, it doesnt matter if i do well or otherwise, i still have the choice of dropping. i think i actually didnt put much effort in this one. i dont know. or the topic is really hard. or its a professor matter since our prof is a known name to many as terror. but most stories are mostly exaggerated, as i found out.

well, im already in this habit of rationalizing with myself on things like this. but now, i dont know, im a little sad. no, not sad. maybe hate? i hate it that i had to resort to such measures? yeah. maybe that.

even though i already have a blue slip, passed it already to my professor and missed this day's lecture, i intend this little blue slip, to be my last. :]

Monday, February 8, 2010

ive been wanting to do this. haha.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

got sleep?

i really miss sleeping. i mean sleeping, sleeping-for-eight-hours-during-schooldays sleeping. for the past few months, ive only been sleeping for about five hours during schooldays. from about 12mn to 5am. always. or rather almost always.

im a guy who can easily adapt to some changes. some because i dont like changes. see my point? but really. that five-hour sleep is actually what im used to. and im so used to it that there are some bizarre things that happened to me beacuse of that. for once, there was one time when i slept at about 11.30pm, only thirty minutes earlier than the usual. i think its normal to think that when you sleep early, youll wake up early, right? but no. i woke up at 6.30am. an hour and a half late. damn. i missed my first class because of that. but thats not over. when i actually slept at about 1am, i woke up at, get this, 5am! whut! when i sleep early, i wake up late. and when i sleep late, i wake up early. kinda disadvantageous right.

still. i still have some other personal 'bedtime' stories.

there was one time when i kind of experimented what beverage would keep me awake for those nights of cramming and studying. wait. maybe just cramming, im not sure anymore. haha. but anyway, i tried a brand of powdered energy drink and of course, the usual coffee. i tried first the energy drink. yes it did keep me awake. too awake that when i actually wanted to sleep, i cant. even though it served its purpose, i never tried energy drinks again. its got a weird taste in it. its not actually bad but im not a fan of it. plus, im not into most chemical-based things. so then, i crossed that off the list.

then i tried the coffee. before, i do drink coffee during late nights but i observed that instead of keeping me awake, it actually made me sleepy. i dont know why but it did. it was supposed to be a stimulant. so i devised a way to determine it for real. for a whole week, i gulped big mugs of coffee while studying at night. and then i observed myself. true to the point, it kinda kept me awake. but not like the energy drink. i can sleep without much blabber while on coffee. but then again, i think what happened was just placebo effect cos when i drink coffee in the day, i still doze off. so i scrapped the idea. but the weird thing didnt happen until the next week. the week after, since im done with that little endeavour of mine wiht coffee, i stopped drinking during nighttime. but lo! when i tried to sleep, i cant. i just cant. i didnt know why but when i gulped a mug of those grounded arabica bean-based drink, i was off to dreamland in a few. whut!?! what happened you say?

what happened was that during that week of gulping mugs of coffee, my body took it as a sign its sleep time. my body got used to it that for better part of two weeks, i need to drink coffee just to sleep. unfair. and the thing is its just for a week and the drink-before-you-sleep lasted for about two weeks!

im telling you, im someone with some weird sleeping habits.

well, since then, i havent produced yet another brainchild experiment regarding my sleep. ive been fairly normal, if you call a five-hour sleep fairly normal. but then again, from where i study, that long already is. haha.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Really now?

haha. I never thought this blog is still posted on the net. i remember that i didnt delete this one. haha. this is proof that i tried blogging at least once in my life.

its been what? 2 years? since i last visited this site. i never expected it to be still up and running at all. this is a blog i put up when i was still a freshman. just look at the date. and the content? please. i was laughing as i read them again. so i found out that for some time, i did do things that i hate now. like using text language. and of course, not many people knew they existed before, my dual personality days. haha.

jess and jigezi were two personalities i played with sometime after high school. i dont know what exactly prompted me to make them. yes, they werent really real personalities of mine but maybe a way to say something without really putting me on the scene. and yes again, im a sane man. just in case youre thinking otherwise. the two of them really have two different personalities. jess is the bully one and jigezi, the bullied one. they kinda complement each other, or so i think. maybe add them up and you have me, bully and bullied at the same time. and the names? the first guy's name is a part of my legal name so no questions about that. the other one? kinda weird isnt it? its actually a wordplay of my name back in high school.

but of course, if you know me now, you wouldnt have guessed i had them. and hey, everyone suffers from this type of crisis sometime in their life. so just leave me with this , okay? haha. right now, there is only one me. but of course, i was suffering then from a rough patch so i dont know, maybe theyll sprung out again sometime. maybe.

i didnt actually intend to blog again so this first re-post is kinda contradictory. i looked up this site again so that i could make some comments on the blogs of people i read. it sucks to not being able to comment on their thoughts.

but then again, maybe ill post something here every now and then. music? one-liners? i dont know. maybe some online comics? i do read Cyanide and Happiness comics. and some phd comics and xkcd in between. i think if i feel like putting something here, then i will.

heck, ill just burn this bridge when im on it.

and oh, by the way feel free to make comments on all things i wrote before. im not erasing them cos i think its kinda interesting to think about how i changed from then to now. tho im not sure if comments are already enabled. im still in the dark here. after what? 2 years?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

antagal. :)



redundant di ba? hehe, pero totoo yan. grabe na ang extension ng unli ko(extension pa ba ang tawag sa 3days+ extension?).

hay. antagal talaga maexpire ng unli ko. forever na ata toh eh. pero let me tell you the story.

nung wednesday ng gabi(091207), mga past 7pm, nag-unli ako. nag-unli ako dahil tinatanong ni miki kugn anung nngyare sa contest earlier. kya aun ngunli ako khit bawal mgtext sa loob ng theater(nanunuod kase ako ng As You Like It ng DUP, ang ganda grabe! dito ka lang mkkrinig ng Orchestra Version ng Dance, Dance at ilang Coldplay classics!) niweyz, ayun nga. e di nagta-takes takes kami ni miki nung gabing yun.(actually, bwal nga ang magtext sa loob ng theater eh.) e di yun nga. natapos yung play. pauwi na. tulog na agad!

kinabukasan ng umaga, xempre meron pang unli. edi ayun, takes parin ng takes. so ayun. nabanggit sakin ni mikhail nung bandang hapon na extended yung unli nia. kya pinalangin ko na maextend din yun akin. e di ayun. lumipas ang ala-sette de sera ng giovedi, pero unli pa din ako. so feeling ko namn, extended nga. kya ayun, umuwi ako. natulog. aba, pagkagising ko ng venerdi ng umaga, aba, unli pa din ako. at hanggang ngayon! Im still unli!

anu ba yan! anu ba to? forever unli na ko? pero ewan ko. akala ko nung una, pag namatay ung fone ko, mawawala din . pero no! hinde. ilang beses na kong namatayan ng fone pero ganun pa din. hay. kaya ngaun, nauubusan ako ng katext kase dati, ako ang unang ngba-babay. pero ngayon. hay.

isa lang ang masasabi ko.




"Cotton Candy"
-signed, wednesday, 020707.

Nakita kita, tinuro ka niya.
Doon sa lugar sa ilalim ng sink.
Sa ibabaw ng jeep,
Sa ibabaw ng Einstein's flying jeep.

Marami kayo doon,
At hindi lang pala doon,
Sa kisame, sa taas, sa sulok.
Basta hindi nalinis nandon ka.

Masarap ka nga sana,
Kung cotton candy ka.
Pero bigla kong naalala,
Agiw ka lang pala.

sa mga nakakaalala, wala lang. :)
sa mga hindi, nevermind. :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

wow. its sunday. la lang. :)

wow. wala akong masabi kundi, VACACCION GRANDE!!!!

haha. halos isang linggo ng walang pasok. mula nung miyerkules hanggang bukas walang pasok. tapos papasok ng martes, tapos kinabukasan wala na nmang pasok. haha. bat di n lang gawing wala ding pasok ang martes para isang linggo! Straight! hehe.

wla kaming pasok dahil sa anu pa nga ba? e di bagyo! and this time, because of bagyong Egay!(pero hindi ung nangampanyang congressman sa Caloocan, ha!)mula nung wednesday ng hapon ata un, di ko sure, ngcmula nang umulan. tapos sinuspinde yung classes for thursday dahil uulan daw ng malakas. pero para saken at sa naobserbahan ko, wala namang maxadong ulan ng thursday. pero okay lang. cgurado nmang nagsasaya na ang mga magsasaka ng Pilipinas. anyways, nung bandang hapon o pagabi na ng thursday, nanuod ako ng balita(xempre nagdadasal na walng pasok bukas, :D) pero sabi sa balita, wla pa daw announcement kugn wlang pasok kinabukasan. mga 2300 hrs pa daw mkkpaglabas ng announcement ang PAGASA. kya kahit ayau kong gawin, pinilit kong magising para hintyin kung wla ngang pasok bukas(pero kahit di ko pa alam na wlanag pasok, malaks na ang feeling ko na wala ngang pasok) so ayun, nanuod ako at naghintay at xempre, wala ngang pasok. at needless to say, super lakas ng ulan nung araw na yun.

so there. wlang pasok ng saturday at sunday(naturalmente! maliban n lng sa mga mat CWTS jan pero sa tignin ko nman ay suspended pa din ang sat/sun classes eh) at wla ding pasok sa lunes. dahil Ninoy Aquino day. bka nagtataka kau dahil Aug 21 namatay si ninoy pero 20 cinelebrate ang kamatayan nia. of course, ito ay doings ni PGMA.

hay. may karamihan ang ginawa ko nung mga walang pasok. may mahabang assignment sa math14 na nakakainis dahil hindi nman mahirap pero nahirapan ako. simple lang pla yung gagawin pero pinapakomplikado ko. hay. ayan na ang effect ng Occam's Razor. hay. ung assignment pa, may part 2. e nkalimutan ko pang kumuha sa teacher k nung part 2, kya ayun, may ggwin pa ko over the next few days. hay.

sana di umuulan sa labas. :)